Energy transition of Parisian buses: RATP convinced by COMECA bus chargers

RATP convinced by COMECA bus chargers

Green energy at the service of PARIS

Comeca caught RATP's attention with its range of AMBER chargers offering from 80 to 650kW of power. RATP chose Comeca's depot charger, which is certified and interoperable with all types of electric buses throughout the world, thus increasing the number of electric buses in Paris.

A RATP project at the heart of environmental news

In January 2018, RATP launched a call for tender for the purchase of electric buses. To support its existing investment in new buses in Paris and the Petite Couronne, RATP has decided to convert a large part of its bus centres to electric power by 2025.

The AMBER80 and AMBER400 bus chargers

Launched in 2010, COMECA's range of chargers installed throughout Europe enables all types of electric vehicles for passenger transport to be charged.

RATP, convinced by the modularity of AMBER and the associated service offered by COMECA, confirms this year that it wants to install more than 60 terminals to ensure the circulation of its electric buses in the capital.

The AMBER solution combines compactness, lightness, reliability, compatibility, ease for use for transport operators, which are essential prerequisites for operators, while guaranteeing a high level of performance.

COMECA's objective: to minimize bus downtime and provide 24-hour service.

"Comeca Power, which is recognized as a manufacturer of battery chargers, is one of the leaders in the electric mobility market since the 90's. We equipped the pilot site for the rapid charging of electric vehicles in La Rochelle in 2010 (36kW) and we are the first European to have been certified Chademo for the 50kW rapid charger.
It is in this continuity that Comeca Power is working alongside public transport operators, by offering a range of electric bus chargers, already selected by RATP."





    Jean-Pierre Alberici
    Director of the Power division of Comeca group