GemStart5-R : your GemStart upgrade solution

GemStart5-R, GemStart retrofit solution

Do you want to modernise your existing electrical equipment with a cost effective and reliable solution?

GemStart5-R is your next investment.

COMECA has developed a Retrofit solution called GemStart5-R, which consists of the replacement of all older versions of GemStart protection relays (from GemStart1 to GemStart4) with the latest GemStart5 version.

GemStart5-R is the fastest and most cost effective solution to modernize your switchboard.

GemStart5 can co-exist on the same network as older versions of GemStart, enabling you to perform upgrades with no need to change out the entire GemStart network.

Retrofitting is a practical and least disruptive way to address both planned and unplanned outages, improving equipment operation and reliability for the short and long term.

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