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  • COMECA Group announces that its’ French subsidiaries merge with the creation of COMECA France, organised under 3 Strategic Activities.

    On July 12th, 2019 COMECA Group's operating subsidiaries in France were merged into a single entity: COMECA France. The merger scope encompasses COMECA Systems, COMECA Power, COMECA Transport, IS2I, COMECA Application and COMECA EBT (Low Voltage Equipment).

    Concurrently, the Group is restructured into 3 Strategic Activities:

  • The platform operator wanted to extend the lifetime of the low-voltage switchgears installed by Alstom in 1995. After performing maintenance, COMECA listed obsoletes components including GE's Unelec circuit breakers. COMECA proposed a kit solution prepared in its factory.


    This project required the replacement of 26 GE Unelec brand circuit-breakers to the Schneider Electric NW (rating 1600A to 4000A). All the kits were delivered on site and replacement campaigns will be carried out until 2023.

  • On April 2 2019, COMECA organized a seminar with its main suppliers to discuss the future of the nuclear power generation industry. COMECA is involved in many projects in France (such as the large “Grand Carénage” project with EDF) and worldwide (such as the Hinkley Point C project in UK) for the delivery of electrical panels, HVAC systems and associated service activities.

  • In the continuation of the President of the French Republic announcements in December 2018, the leaders of the COMECA group unanimously wish to join in the effort required to support the purchasing power of their employees.

    This bonus benefit employees bound by an employment contract (permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, alternating contracts) in effect on 31 December 2018 and who are paid less than three times the legal annual minimum wage. The bonus is distributed in inverse proportion to salaries. Thus, the most modest salaries receive a bonus of €1,000. Three levels of remuneration make it possible to distribute this bonus, which ranges from €1,000 to €500.