Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Manager

My career path

“After completing a management and business administration academic programme, during my final year of study I specialised in Human Resources. Later on, I began working in various sectors such as large-scale retail, the aerospace industry as well as in survey audiences and statistics. These general-level positions in various fields of activity have enabled me to manage dissimilar issues. I joined the COMECA Group in 2010 and have held the position of Human Resources Manager since then”.

Why this profession and why COMECA?

“I decided to specialise in Human Resources during my studies, because for me, the human component is THE key value of a company. A company’s performance reflects its capacity to mobilise and deploy the potential of its human capital. It is the skills of its people that determine the value of a company.

This is particularly true at COMECA, where the professional skills of people are of primary importance in carrying out design and manufacturing of dedicated and non-standard equipment. I chose to join the COMECA Group because it is a human-sized company whose values I share and which leaves me a degree of autonomy to meet the determined objectives, which is very important”.

My responsibilities

“I accompany operational personnel on a daily basis for issues related to human resources.

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Thus, I manage, among others, individual and collective labour relations, training, recruitment and remuneration policies as well as the application of the Group’s HR policy within the entities within my responsibilities.

Belonging to several legal entities allows me to handle a variety of issues so that work never becomes routine.

This makes me feel that I contribute to the growth of the Group and is professionally fulfilling”.