Site Manager – France

Site Manager – France
Site Manager – France

My career path

“After I finished my training as electrician by apprenticeship, I joined COMECA in a variety of production jobs: wiring worker, busbar operator, inspector, customer support, etc. Later on, I developed skills in design, where I learned to design automation control panels. My development did not stop there, as I was offered the position of Production Manager, which I held for 6 years. Backed by 16 years of experience within the Group, I currently hold the position of Site Manager.”

Why this profession and why COMECA?

“I was always fascinated by the field of electricity. The profession of builder of electric switchboards attracted me by its variety of integrated specialties (electricity, mechanics, design, etc.). The expansion that COMECA was already undergoing at the time prompted me to join the Group.

What I find exciting in my job is the “team management” part. COMECA supported me by providing me with training in management of human resources. At the same time, my needs for novelty and constant challenge are met by the stimulating industrial projects and the versatility required of my job.”

My responsibilities

“My long experience within the Group has provided me with a good understanding of how it works.

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 On an everyday basis, I organise the teams, manage production, coordinate strategy with all the related departments and monitor the performance of the site. This requires not only technical skills, but also good knowledge of the overall activity of the company as well as leadership, organisation and the capacity to take stock”.