Sales Manager - European region

Sales Manager - European region
Sales Manager - European region

My career path

“After completing a double degree in Electrical Engineering and International Trade, I initially joined a multinational corporation specialising in energy management as Project Manager and then Business Manager. Later, I advanced to the position of Export Sales Representative in a smaller outfit, before joining COMECA, where I currently hold the position of Sales Manager for the European region.”

Why this profession and why COMECA?

“Besides my wish to pursue a career in the field of energy, I wanted above all to develop in a human-sized company and in an international environment. COMECA offers me the opportunity of fully independent work while having a real impact on decisions. My job and the Group corporate culture allow me to be close to customers and develop genuine relationships of trust regardless of their location.”

My responsibilities

“My current responsibilities include developing sales in the area entrusted to me by COMECA. My tasks include marketing to targeted customers, as well as an operational aspect including recommendations, negotiations and managing and monitoring customer proposals and contracts.”