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Hydrogen production depends both on the electricity source and the control and management systems of the installation to meet the main challenges of the renewable energy sector:

  • Downscaling of electrolysers to multi-megawatt facilities
  • Taking into account the intermittencies linked to renewable energies
  • Performance gains with comprehensive concepts of efficiency, safety and total cost of ownership reduction
  • Multiplication of distributed generation units that must be compatible with electrical networks

Our expertise: electrification and supervision of green hydrogen production by water electrolysis

  • Electrical distribution management
  • Power conversion associated with the electrolyser
  • Cooling management
  • Integration with the energy management system
  • Supervision of the electrolysis process: monitoring the entire production process up to the electrolyser
  • Project management and services

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Hydrogen Converter - data sheet

A power rectifier for green hydrogen production

The Allhydre product range is a fully versatile solution ready to power all electrolyser technologies in range of 20 to 1000 kW. Allhydre is a building block designed solution allowing high flexibility of current and voltage output, up to 750V / 2400A.

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The equipment, products and systems that we implement for hydrogen-related applications are derived from our widely proven solutions in energy networks, infrastructures, nuclear power, harsh industrial environments or various mobility applications.




Comeca's benefits

Expert forte puissance au delà de 1 méga Watt pour l'électrification de la production d'hydrogène vert

High power expert over 1MW

produit compact et adapté pour alimentation électrique production hydrogène vert

Compact and suitable solutions

système de refroidissement production hydrogène éprouvé

Cooling management

services installation, mise en service et maintenance production hydrogène

Maintenance services

Gestion de projets

Project management

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To support transformations in energy distribution and meet the requirements of the hydrogen industry, we propose a “Global Solution” approach in order to present important differentiating elements as well as a complete service offer.

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