Site Manager – Export

Nicolas Comeca
Site Manager – Export

My career path

“After my university studies in a technical field, I joined Alstom T&D, which later became a COMECA Group subsidiary, as a manufacturing technician.  Very soon, this human-sized group offered me career development opportunities, while also contributing to my academic studies toward an engineering degree and an executive MBA, to complement my profile”.

“Over my 15 years of employment, COMECA offered me a wide variety of exciting positions, both in France and on relocation worldwide. From manufacturing technician, I became Project Manager and continued to develop by creating and establishing production sales representation subsidiaries in Indonesia and Australia. Within this continuum, COMECA later offered me the management of our production site in Morocco”.

Why this profession and why COMECA?

“Being responsible for more than 200 people in a production environment is undoubtedly a demanding task. However, the job of Site Manager is also a source of real satisfaction. Being the “orchestra conductor” of a diverse and varied team of men and women from different backgrounds, all of them mobilised toward the same production goal is highly rewarding. COMECA offers mobility and career development opportunities even to young employees. This is one of the Group’s advantages that I greatly appreciate”.

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My responsibilities

“I am currently responsible for the operating account of COMECA Maroc, the local subsidiary, and in charge of the compliance of the entire Moroccan production with respect to quality, cost, deadlines and safety. Between development projects at industrial excellence level and personnel development, the Site Manager’s tasks are extremely diverse and varied.”