GemPro software

GemPro is the software used to configure, to monitor and to control the GemStart5 numerical thermal protection relay. GemPro is compatible with standard PC with Windows® 7, 8 or 10 operating system.

Connection to the GemSart5 is via a standard RS232 direct cable on the LCD front face SUB-D9 pin connector.

Selecting the appropriate typical schematic based on the final application :

  • DOL-E, direct start,
  • DOL-E, direct start, forward and reverse
  • DOL-L, direct start with latched contactor
  • Motor operated valve
  • Two speed, low start only
  • Two speed
  • Two speed Dahlander
  • MCCB
  • VSD control only
  • Cut Throat VSD control only

Electrical protection setting:

Each of the LV or HV motor electrical protections associated with the selected typical schematic can be enabled or disabled, particularly during start-up and also during steady state.

Selecting the communication protocol:

  • Gembus ( (proprietary communication protocol)
  • Modbus RTU
  • Profibus DPV1

Human Machine Interface:

  • Define the configuration editor language in one click
  • Define the language of the  display of the GemStart5 in one click
  • Download other language
  • Gemstart5 firmware update facilities
  • Motor Electrical data displayed in real time
  • Motor electrical data stored during the last start (inrush current, start-up time, …)
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs monitoring
  • Maintenance counters
  • Alarm, trip, and events histories
  • Other information used for commissioning
  • START/STOP or OPEN/CLOSE the motor contactor
  • Reset maintenance counters
  • GemStart5 clock synchronization to the laptop time


Comeca Gempro wireless touchpad

Download and receive the complete Gempro documentation by email.

  • Gempro software
  • Gempro tablet presentation brochure
  • Gempro User Guide



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