R&D Manager

R&D Manager
R&D Manager

My career path

“In all my previous jobs, I held the position of R&D Engineer, whether in the field of consumer goods, military technology or aeronautics. After recently joining the COMECA teams, I now hold the position of R&D Manager within the Group’s Power Electronics division.”

Why this profession and why COMECA?

“What I like best in my profession is the high level of required technical expertise. I am passionate about physics and electronics in particular, and my profession requires real technical expertise. I am also drawn to the “design” part: seeing your design take shape and work, observing and measuring the results, etc. For me, this is real satisfaction and a strong motivating factor.

What I particularly like about COMECA is the opportunity to share knowledge and skills with my team, and to develop converters for scientific research. The technical challenges involved in this activity are a continuous source of improvement of my knowledge and experience”.

My responsibilities

“My main tasks are dedicated to the development of power converters integrated into electrical cabinets. Working on multiple and concurrent development projects, I manage the R&D part in interaction with different departments: purchasing, project managers, production, sales and customer service.

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Moreover, my role as Manager involves regular discussions with my team to resolve difficulties, update schedules, or check the progress and proper course of on-going projects. This is a job that combines technical expertise and management, which is exactly what I was looking for”.