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Solutions for IEC 61850

As tomorrow’s world will be an increasingly electric one, we provide you with electrical equipment and services integrating  the  most  suitable  studies  and  products     for distributing, optimizing and masterizing energies within   your   facilities   and   all  over  the  world


  • Comeca is a French group of 1300 people, leader in Europe in the field of Low Voltage systems integration, with worldwide references in the Oil & Gas industry, Power Generation, Processing Industries, Hospitals, Buildings, and Tertiary Distribution.
  • Comeca designs and manufactures Motor Control Centers, Power Control Centers, Main distribution Boards, Supervision / Automation Solutions and provides all relevant site services.
  • With a turnover of 200 M€, Comeca keeps on expanding its activity worldwide with its own solutions for LV integration based on the most suitable components available on the market. Almost 30 units are part of the group, including units in Spain, Morocco and Indonesia, and partners in the other countries.  
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