COMECA modernize DUBAL’s production plant with GemStart5-R solution

Dubal site with GemStart5-R

Dubai Aluminium, often called DUBAL, is a subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA). DUBAL was established and began operating in 1979. With continuous expansion projects over the years, DUBAL has grown significantly to become one of the world’s leading single-site primary aluminum smelters.

The DUBAL complex was built on a 4.75 square kilometer site in Jebel Ali, Dubai.  It includes a 2,350 MW power station, a 1 million tpa smelter, a huge carbon plant, a water desalination plant, extensive casting operations (more than 1.2 million tpa), dock and other numerous facilities.

The challenge

DUBAL is equipped with NORMABLOC Low Voltage switchboards which feed motors and which are protected and controlled by GemStart3 motor protection relays since 1998.

Due to successive expansions of its industry and leading by example to modernize its electrical switchboards with a cost effective and reliable solution, DUBAL approached COMECA Middle East, subsidiary of COMECA, to upgrade all its GemStart3 protection relays.

The solution

COMECA Middle East recommended to the customer the GemStart5-R retrofit kit, which consists of the replacement of all older versions of GemStart protection relays with the latest version of GemStart5 relays.

DUBAL has therefore awarded COMECA Middle East with the upgrade of 140 GemStart5 instead of the obsolete versions of GemStart3 in 6 different substations. Deploying its local team of experts, COMECA has successfully completed the target upgrade of 50% of the job in a very tight schedule. The remaining 50% of the job is planned to be completed during the next shutdown.

Customer benefits

With the GemStart5-R retrofit kit, DUBAL will access all GemStart5 latest functionalities.

Retrofitting is also a practical, cost effective and least disruptive way to address both planned and unplanned outages, improving equipment operation and reliability for the short and long term.

While keeping its existing electrical installation and extending switchboards’ life, the customer increases the reliability and safety of its production plant and reduces risks such as outages.

COMECA offers the most suitable solution to customers’ increasing need for power distribution in the manufacturing sector as well as in all other lines of businesses that require high demand for power and technologically high-quality equipment.