Why join COMECA?

Acteur clé du monde de demain

Key player of tomorrow’s world

Energy is an essential resource that impacts the everyday life of people and businesses. In a world in which the energy demand is constantly growing, meeting these challenges and optimising the use of resources are key issues that our multi-talented employees are addressing on a daily basis.

An international working environment

“Closer to customers”, is the commitment of our Group. Drawing on the strength of its 1200 employees on 4 continents, COMECA considers mobility as crucial for their development. It allows everyone to network and adapt to different cultures, two essential professional qualities in today’s world.

We develop local operations in response to demands for proximity and responsiveness expressed by our customers. The presence of trained and skilled staff in each of our subsidiaries strengthens our key accounts relationships, enable us to manage global projects and face worldwide challenges.

Un environnement de travail international
Une référence dans le secteur de la distribution d’énergie

A prestigious company in the energy distribution sector

With over 60 years of experience in its field, COMECA currently positions itself as an all-round player within the electrical equipment industry. Our Group has also benefited from the inherited reputation of the renewed low voltage activities of Alstom T&D and Areva T&D.

In addition, our diversification strategy has resulted in the creation and acquisition of several subsidiaries in complementary areas of the electrical energy distribution sector (electrical switchboards, automation, power electronics, cabling solutions or else HVAC). As such, COMECA allows each profile to find its core business.

A Group sensitive to its employees’ needs

COMECA offers an enriching work environment offering you the opportunity to develop your skills throughout your career. The company encourages personal and professional development and offers you the possibility of a varied and rewarding career path. According to your ambitions, you have a wide range of career opportunities : new path , international opportunities, training.

Standing behind the energy challenges of the Group are passionate men and women working together on a daily basis to improve company performance and achieve personal fulfilment.

Un Groupe à l’écoute de ses collaborateurs
Cap sur la diversité

Aiming for diversity

Working at COMECA means joining teams with varied and complementary backgrounds.
Diversity is a key issue to ensure attractiveness and sustainable performance. That is why we are striving to bring together talented people with very different profiles.

Our goal is promoting a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and training as well as offering our employees career opportunities in numerous fields.

Comeca is hiring

COMECA is constantly recruiting on a wide range of skills. Join an international Group, a major player in the energy sector. Young graduate, student or experienced? Submit your application!

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