Ships in port need electrical power to maintain vital safety-related functions, for cargo, crew and, where appropriate, passengers. In order to limit the use of polluting and noisy ship engines, ports need to equip themselves with shore power systems.


Purpose and needs of port decarbonisation:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships to meet environmental regulations
  • Minimise operating costs through efficient frequency conversion
  • Optimise ship accommodation space
  • Supply ships with reliable, high quality shore power through weatherproof equipment


Electrical distribution and frequency conversion for shore power

  • Power distribution management
  • Frequency conversion associated with ships
  • Control and protection equipment
  • Energy management system
  • Prefabricated weatherproof package solution
  • Project management and services



Discover our offers dedicated to shore power supply

The equipment, products and systems we use for shore power supply are based on our proven solutions for energy production, infrastructure, nuclear, harsh industrial environments and mobility applications.


Expert forte puissance au delà de 1 méga Watt pour l'électrification de la production d'hydrogène vert

High power expert over 1MW

produit compact et adapté pour alimentation électrique production hydrogène vert

Compact and suitable solutions

système de refroidissement production hydrogène éprouvé

Cooling management

services installation, mise en service et maintenance production hydrogène

Maintenance services

Gestion de projets

Project management


Our energy at your productivity’s service

To support energy distribution transformations and meet the port industry’s requirements, we propose a “Global Solution” approach in order to present strong differentiation elements as well as a complete service offer.

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