High power rectifiers

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Redresseur traction diode


A large number of urban public transport infrastructures are powered by DC electrical energy that supplies power to light rail, metro trains and regional express train networks. For this purpose, a traction rectifier integrated into rectifier stations is used to convert alternative current into direct current. The main utilised technology is a Graetz bridge equipped with one or more diodes connected in parallel, depending on the power to be supplied.

We offer a reliable and customised range of traction rectifiers for all the power and voltage requirements. For the same applications, we also offer services of design and construction of IGBT inverters with energy recovery.


Dedicated rectifiers for low, medium and high power industrial applications up to 80kA, direct current.


Diodes rectifiers:

  • Customised configuration
  • Cooling by natural convection
  • Assembly on open frame (IP20) or covered frame (IP21)
  • Compact design
  • Adaptable solution: the power supply connection can be from the top or from the bottom of the cell
  • Robust and proven technology
  • High resistance to overloads

Thyristors rectifiers:

  • Robustness of thyristor technology
  • Process-adapted topology, including Graetz bridges, Graetz bridges connected in parallel and in series, reverse double star connections
  • 6,12 or 24 pulses
  • Three-phase or 5 column transformer with self interphase
  • Forced air/water cooling
  • Digital or analog control.
  • Shelter-integrated solutions
  • Dry-type transformers
  • Immersed transformers for all types of cooling

Diodes rectifiers:

  • Input voltage : 585V +/-10% or 1175V +/-10%
  • Output voltage :
    • 750V, 0.9 MW to 6 MW capacity
    • 1500V, 2 MW to 7 MW capacity
  • Additional capacities on demand
  • Resistance to short circuits depending on short-circuit voltage of the supply transformer
  • Six-phase or twelve-phase connection.

Utilised technology: rectifier technology (low frequencies)

Thyristors rectifiers:

  • Output voltage: 5 V to 3000 V DC
  • Output current: 100 A to 60000 A. Up to 160,000 A in parallel mode (4x 40,000 A)
  • Protection level: Standard: IP 20; on request: IP XX

Utilised technology: rectifier technology (low frequencies)

Thyristors rectifiers:

  • Integration of an automatic isolating switch
  • Forced ventilation
  • Rectifier mounted on casters
  • Adaptation to existing busbars and high-speed circuit-breaker cells

Diodes rectifiers:

  • IEC 50328
  • IEC 60146
  • IEC 50123
  • NFC1500

Thyristors rectifiers:

  • IEC 60146
  • IEC 60204






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