On site training paired with school teachings

The IRUP and Comeca collaboration: a tailored course to train for the Industrial Maintenance Technician diploma.

Comeca France has joined forces with IRUP to set up a 24-month tailored course for the Industrial Maintenance Technician qualification. The content of the training is composed of a theoretical part with general teachings and a professional part with Comeca’s teachings.

The launch of the first class is scheduled for October 2022 on our French sites.  At the end of the training, the students will obtain a professional certification of “Senior Industrial Maintenance Technician”. This training is registered with the french education government program as well as a nuclear certification, electrical accreditation, bridging, handling of fluids and brazing.

Comeca Academy Industrial Maintenance Technician diploma

Why join Comeca for a work-study program?

Comeca offers the advantages of a large company with a structure to accompany our students in their training, support, infrastructure, and all this on a human scale. Autonomy, proximity with their manager and their colleagues; our students are actors of their own career and can evolve easily in their sector or others options within our diffferents work specialties.

At Comeca, each intervention will be different because each client has its own requirements and needs. Our products are specific and often tailored for each of them.

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A partnership to train future maintenance professionals

We worked with IRUP to set up a complete training program based on a theoretical training at IRUP, a professional training delivered by Comeca experts and an apprenticeship on Comeca equipments with courses on real machines.

The training to the Higher Technician of Industrial Maintenance has been set up to train the future generation of maintenance professionals. In order to better meet the requirements of our customers’ sectors of activity. Training and integrating our future senior maintenance technicians allows us to offer a high quality maintenance service to our clients.


Comeca Academy Industrial Maintenance Technician diploma

Comeca wishes to commit to the young generations in order to make them aware of the industry’s professions. Our goal is to train future maintenance professionals and to support them in their professional integration by offering them employment opportunities at the end of the 24-month training period.


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