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The electrical power system of Data Centers is essential to ensure the expected service continuity for consumers. It must be efficient, available, reliable, and its operation must be safe for both property and people.

In the era of hyperscale, the objectives and needs of data centers

  • To ensure the reliability and accessibility of IT services 24/7 to end-users
  • To optimize energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy sources in data centers
  • To secure operational sites to protect both people and servers
  • To offer attractive and competitive IT services while optimizing investment costs

Electrical Power Supply for Data Centers – Ensuring an Efficient and Reliable Infrastructure

Comeca ensures uninterrupted and secure global electrical distribution for your data center and servers. We integrate an energy management and monitoring system to track your consumption.

Our services include:

  • Electrical distribution management tailored to your space and requirements
  • Packaged solution: energy distribution containerization
  • Control and protection equipment
  • Energy management system, monitoring, and predictive maintenance
  • Project management and services

The challenges of data centers are at the heart of our electrical solutions

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The equipment, products and systems we implement for data centers are based on our proven solutions in energy networks, infrastructure, nuclear, harsh industrial environments or various mobility applications.


Compact and suitable solutions for data centers

Compact and suitable

Optimal availability data center

Optimal availability

Certified range for data center

Certified Range

reliability and durability data center

Reliability and durability

internal arc resistance data center

Internal arc resistance

Mixed service indexes data centers

Mixed service indexes

Maintenance services data center

Maintenance services

project management data center

Project management

Our energy for your productivity

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To support the changes in energy distribution and meet the requirements of our data center customers, we propose a “Global Solution” approach in order to present important elements of differentiation as well as a complete service offer.

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