supervise and monitor
your switchboards in real time

With the iBoard supervision solution designed by Comeca, you have full control in real time of everything that happens on your LV switchboard from your touchscreen interface integrated. The iBoard software monitors the events on your switchboard in real time and warns you with its alert system.

How important it is to monitor your electrical installation

In real time, you supervise your consumption monitoring indicators and electrical data. You visualise the status and history of your actuators and you benefit from monthly energy reports.

You monitor the consumption of each of your loads on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, which allows you to anticipate changes in order to meet your operating requirements.



Ensuring the continuity of your equipment’s power supply requires constant monitoring of your switchboards. Monitor your indicators in real time thanks to several reading levels:

  • Real-time electrical data
  • Individual monitoring on all types of feeders
  • Oscillogram / graphic monitoring of values
  • Post-analysis of events and curves
  • Gemstart 5 protection relay toolbox: setting parameters and time synchronisation
  • Traceability and reporting



The iBoard solution is suitable for any type of installation. Its design is open to other systems and many protocols are available.

The installation of the iBoard does not affect the operation of the board and its connection is via Ethernet. Other modes are available on request, such as GSM.

  • Wide range of integration possibilities, customised composition possible
  • Scalable
  • Automation functions available
  • Information transfer to a BMS / BMS
  • Online mode possible (by default the system is offline on an isolated network)



In the age of Industry 4.0, always be informed of the status of your low-voltage switchboard, iBoard informs you by e-mail or SMS (depending on the options selected) of any event that occurs. You can take control remotely to manage the event.

You can also receive reports on activity and consumption.

  • Planning of the intervention with operating procedure
  • Controlled downtime: solution preparation
  • Installation and verification according to manufacturer’s procedures
  • Commissioning with the assistance of the COMECA technician

The iBoard system allows the manufacturer’s warranty on COMECA boards to be maintained. We carry out customised studies to meet your needs and constraints. The iBoard software is delivered ready to use. The installation and commissioning on site are optimised by COMECA technicians.

On the iBorad, you also find all the documentation for your switchboard: user manual, electrical diagrams, technical documentation.

    Standard version Advanced version
Software and hardware supply
15” Touch PC Included Included
Windows 10 Included Included
Open Office Included Included
PDF reader Included Included
Option: Antivirus On request Included
LV switchboard front view Included Included
LV switchboard single line view Included Included
Operation of 50 devices (max. 2 switchboards) Included Included
Option: 50 additional devices (1) On request Included
Energy management
Centralised display of electrical measurements Included Included
Archiving values Included Included
Option: Reporting (2) On request Included
Alarm management
Central alarm display Included Included
Archiving of short and long term values Included Included
Data export Included Included
Option: Reporting (2) On request Included
Curve management
Centralised display of electrical quantities Included Included
Selection tools and curve management Included Included
Data export Included Included
Option: Reporting (2) On request Included
Documentation access
Integrated file browser Included Included
Access to electrical diagrams Included Included
Access to technical documentation (6) Included Included
Local network remote access (5) Included Included
Remote access to the workstation via VPN (5) Included Included
Access to the station via Smatphone or tablet (1 station) Included Included
Option: Remote access to the station via GSM link, Modem included On request On request
Option: Interface to a third party system On request On request
Option: Provision of data in the cloud On request On request
Emailing of consumption balance (3) On request Included
Email alarms (3) On request Included
Option: SMS sending, Modem included (4) On request On request
Option: Display of data outside switchboards On request On request
Maintenance tools
Sorting by number of events (from + to – frequent) Included Included
Option: Alarm generation by value drift on reference comparison On request On request
Option: Alarm generation by manoeuvre/trigger count On request On request
Option: Running time counter On request On request
Option: System-integrated diary planning On request On request
Option: Automation functions
Load shedding / reloading function On request On request
Control by time slots per feeder On request On request
Control logic On request On request
Automatic source switching On request On request
Option: Specific development On request On request
Option: Virtualisation
Virtualisation implementation On request On request
(1) Limited to 200 devices and 5 switchboards per system
(2) Formatted file generation
(3) Requirements: access to the client email server
(4) SIM card and subscription to be paid by the customer
(5) Windows functionality
(6) Provision only, the switchboard manufacturer is responsible for collecting all documentation


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