TITAN switchboard up to 6300A

TITAN is the reference offer for the tertiary sector: hospitals, IGH, large tertiary sector or Data Center. This table is versatile: there will always be a solution adapted to your needs (front / back connection; cable entry from above / below…). Also very compact, its dimensionally optimised version is the right solution for small electrical rooms.

As a continuity of your installed base, TITAN allows you to connect to an existing COMECA IEC LV switchboard through an interface column.

Mix of mobility index

TITAN is one of the only switchboards on the market that offers the mix of service index in a single column. This particularity allows us to offer simplicity of design and production economy to our customers.

The service index guarantees the level of service of the switchboard in case of any subsequent operation, it is composed of three criteria:


Reduced space requirement

We have developed TITAN to be compact while generating power that meets our customers’ needs. Thanks to its optimized dimensions, TITAN is the right solution for small electrical rooms.



Manufacturer guarantee

COMECA offers you a “Manufacturer” guarantee on the assembly of your electrical equipment by ensuring:

  • Assembly supervision
  • Alignment, mechanical coupling
  • Fish-platting of cubicles and electrical busducts

In option:

  • Supply side cables connections
  • Load side cables connections


iBoard supervision interface

With the iBoard supervision solution designed by Comeca, you have full control in real time of everything that happens on your LV switchboard from your touchscreen interface integrated. The iBoard software monitors the events on your switchboard in real time and warns you with its alert system.

Find out about iBoard

  • Compliant with 61439-2 standard
  • Backward compatibility with existing installations
  • A modern design and a balance between compactness and cost saving
  • Possibility to mix functional units of different mobility index within a single cubicle
  • Top or bottom handling
  • Multi-configurations of connections

Electrical data:



Short-circuit current (max) Up to 120 KA – 1s
Main bus bar rating Up to 6300A
Vertical bus bar Up to 2000A
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) 8 kV
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1000V
Voltage rating (Ue) 690V
Rated frequency (F) 50Hz

Mechanical data:



Service index SI 211, 223, 233, 333
Connection type WFD, WWD, WWW
Form 2b, 3b / 4a /4b
Protection index IP30

Option : IP31

Access Front and rear


If  I < or =  2000 A

  • Front connection :  W H D    870/1820 ; 2000/2300 ; 740/1480
  • Rear connection :   W H D   580/1430 ; 2000/2300 ; 1010/1480

If  I >  2000 A

  • Front connection :    W H D    870/1820 ; 2100/2400 ; 740/1480
  • Rear connection :    W H D    580/1430 ; 2100/2400 ; 1010/1480

Complies with the new 61439-1 and 2 standards

This standard defines the electrical performance of equipment more rigorously, in particular on two key points:

  • internal heating
  • current in the neutral




Bureaux / IGH

Offices / Buildings

Banques et Assurances

Banks & Insurances

Culture et Loisirs

Culture & Leisure

Data Center

Data Center



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