About Comeca

Specialist in energy distribution and management and associated services

In an increasingly electrical world, COMECA provides equipment and services dedicated to distribute, optimize and master the energy all around the world.

COMECA offers a diversified and complementary portfolio to meet your needs of traditional, specific, global and turnkey solutions :

  • Low and Medium Voltage switchboards (OEM)
  • Automation, monitoring and Control Command
  • Power electronics, energy conversion
  • Cabling solutions
  • Electrical solution for HVAC
  • Associated Services

As a multi-brands and multi-technologies player, COMECA is a major actor in the Industry, Energy, Infrastructures, Commercial buildings and Transport sectors. It works harmoniously with the major players of the electrical industry, such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (Low Voltage, Medium Voltage…), engineering companies (EPC firms), installers and distributors.
A recognized partner of major customers, the Group contributes the expertise of a manufacturer and builder backed by a long history, combined with the flexibility of a human-sized company. The company’s dynamism and adaptability have enabled it to become one of the leaders in the electrical equipment industry.


“Our energy for your productivity”

Our aim is to help your company improve its performance. COMECA is also a solid and innovative business partner, with strong knowledge of the major trends in the energy market such as energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and infrastructures for electric vehicles.

COMECA continues to support itsestablished installed base all over the world, while bringing its know-how and expertise in new projects.

To support changes in energy distribution and meet customers’ needs, COMECA offers :

  • A « Global Solution » approach that presents important elements of differentiation
  • A complete and complementary range of products through its strategic core businesses, providing “package solutions”
  • A customised proposal, based on free choice of electrical component brands
  • The largest range of original manufacturer switchboards in the market
  • A full range of services for your existing COMECA equipment as well as for your new equipment


Key figures

130 countries products marketed in over 130 countries
1250 employees on 4 continents
23 production units around the world
9 subsidiaries worldwide

UK, Morocco, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Australia, Korea, Spain.

Comeca Map

4 strategic pillars

Specialist positioning

COMECA offers a wide range of electrical equipment and associated services to companies ranging from small service businesses to major industrial customers (Oil&Gas; Nuclear). COMECA’s equipment is adapted to the processes of its customers: personalised, comprehensive and with a high added value.

Worldwide expansion

COMECA’s organisation is dedicated to following-up its customers worldwide. Therefore, the Group has established subsidiaries in four continents and developed a network of local partners to guarantee a proximity relationship with clients.

The choice of independence

COMECA is structured to meet the future with confidence, by offering a balanced business portfolio and loyal financial partners. Thus, in the medium term, COMECA promotes investment and the creation of value. 

Strong human values

COMECA’s development relies on its entire workforce. All employees share a set of values aimed at quality and customer service: exemplary attitude, strong commitment and sense of responsibility.

Our mission

At COMECA, our mission is to support you and your projects on a daily basis with our energy management solutions by :

  • Contributing to improve your performance.
  • Developing strong relationships with key players in the energy sector.
  • Designing, manufacturing and maintaining innovating solutions specific to your business needs.
  • Meeting current standards to ensure the safety of people and equipment.

COMECA : more than half a century of excellence in energy distribution and management.

For more than fifty years and through world-leading brands, COMECA proves its ability to constantly adapt to customers’ expectations and markets’ evolutions.

Discover the key events that make our story

COMECA was created in 1974 and initially operated in electrical equipment manufacturing.

From 1994 to 2013, COMECA accelerated its growth in the context of its acquisition strategy aiming at becoming a major player in the energy management sector:

  • Low and Medium voltage switchboards
  • Industrial automation
  • Power electronics
  • Cabling solutions
  • HVAC solutions
  • Associated services

Over the past few years, the significant international expansion of COMECA with the opening of several subsidiaries allows the Group to be closer to customers and to become a global company.

Today, the Group is trusted by the major players in the industrial field (nuclear, oil and gas, chemical, mining), the tertiary field (hospitals, data center, malls, buildings and offices) and the infrastructures field (airports, tunnels, transportation).

The capital transfer in 2013 has besides enabled the new shareholders – including the Pineau‐Valencienne Family Investment Fund – to offer COMECA a new momentum, with a particular emphasis on international and services development.


COMECA : more than half a century of excellence in energy distribution and management.

For more than fifty years and through world-leading brands, COMECA proves its ability to constantly adapt to customers’ expectations and markets’ evolutions.

  • 1921

    Creation of the Verger & Delporte enterprise whose main activity is the installation of electrical and telephone equipment

  • 1973

    Verger & Delporte becomes Verger Delporte Industrie. New products appear : Medium and Low voltage panels

  • 1998

    VDI and DESHAIS merge to form IEC (Industrie Electrique de Cergy)

  • 2000

    COMECA Group buys IEC

  • 1949

    Creation of the DELLE factory specialized in LV and MV equipment, in Chalon-sur-Saône, France

  • 1989

    Alsthom merges with the GEC Power Systems branch. This gives birth to GEC ALSTHOM, which acquires the DELLE company.

  • 1998

    GEC ALSTHOM changes its name to become ALSTOM

  • 2004

    AREVA takes over the electrical Transmission and Distribution branch from ALSTOM (AREVA T&D)

  • 2005

    COMECA buys the AREVA T&D Low Voltage unit

  • 1962

    Creation of CFS WESTINGHOUSE by Westinghouse

  • 1982


  • 2014

    SGTE and HAZEMEYER’s Power Electronics department merge to become COMECA POWER