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Back in 2000, when ALSTOM T&D manufacturing of GALAXIS switchboard, was performed in the Indonesian plant in Pulogadung industrial area near Jakarta, for Tunu VII and Tunu VIII offshore gas platform projects.  Since then this division moved to COMECA Group, and the Indonesian operations moved from what had become AREVA T&D to a full separate unit: COMECA Indonesia. Today and since almost ten years, the division runs for both the Indonesian market and international projects.

Our know-how

With a complete engineering team located in Jakarta and a regular support from COMECA factories in France, we have developed an international know-how in Low Voltage equipment for Oil & Gas, mining, chemical, nuclear, power generation, infrastructures and building sectors.

We delivered LV solutions for major projects such as Kaombo in Angola, Tgast in Malaysia, Moho in Congo or else Senoro and Babelan in Indonesia.

A large part of the manufacturing consists of GALAXIS and TRA withdrawable switchboards (IEC 61439-2 certified). In addition, we developed a full range of type tested LV switchboards and low-cost fixed-type equipment, suitable and competitive for the global market and middlerange offering (main or subsidiary distribution boards, generator control panels, AC-DC panels).

The factory acquired a great expertise in electrical distribution technologies including intelligent solutions such as GemStart5 motor protection relay, ATS and ECS (Electrical and Control System).

Our experience

COMECA Indonesia produced low voltage solutions for large projects such as Kaombo in Angola, Tgast in Malaysia, Moho in Congo or Senoro and Babelan in Indonesia. In the plant, the implementation of the “Lean manufacturing” principles makes it possible to maintain a high level of efficiency and quality while offering a flexible production capacity.

In terms of services, Comeca Indonesia’s experts are entirely qualified to carry-out customers’ full requirements of installation, commissioning and servicing on all Comeca Group equipment globally.

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