Energy for the future with the Gaya project


The project

Launched in 2010, Gaya is a technological and experimental platform located in Saint-Fons, close to Lyon (France). Its objective: the implementation by 2017 of a second-generation biomethane sector of production, biomethane that primarily comes from lignocellulose materials (wood, straw, etc.).

Gaya has become over a four-year period a flagship project for meeting the challenges posed by the energy transition and the energy mix.


Customer challenges

The Gaya Project implements a research and development program that aims to remove the main technical and financial obstacles from the process of converting lignocellulose biomass into 2nd generation biomethane, and to develop an innovative and sustainable industrial concept.


COMECA solution

The stakes are high for COMECA. In addition of being ENGIE’s partner / supplier for the delivery of a Low Voltage switchboard and 4 MCC switchbaords, this project is an opportunity for COMECA to strengthen its positioning in the energy sector.


Body Right

The biomethane  is a chance to move towards a promising market. Today, it is assumed that about 200 production units could be set up in France. The production potential is estimated at 100 TWh by 2020 and 250 TWh by 2050.