The project

EDF (the French electric utility company) awarded COMECA a project to replace 8 Low Voltage (LV) switchboards on the 4 working units of the Bugey nuclear power plant.

Customer challenges

The solution expected by the customer had to take into consideration the replication of existing LV switchboards’ functionalities under identical conditions. .

Units’ shutdowns are another challenge. The aim is to stop the production of a nuclear reactor in order to conduct control and maintenance operations on different parts of the installation that are not accessible while operating.

This project had therefore to be conducted while respecting timescales imposed by outage planning.

COMECA solution

EDF finally chose COMECA and its NORMABLOC switchboard (K3 certified – French certification) to replace its 8 existing LV switchboards. A training session on NORMABLOC switchboard also took place for site operators and maintenance personnel.

This choice enables EDF to benefit from the feedback gained from NORMABLOC switchboards that are already in operation in other French nuclear power plants.

COMECA’s experience in the nuclear field, the technical expertise of its teams and the performance of its equipment enabled EDF to optimize their costs as well as outage durations.

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