Ethernet Interface - Connect GemStart to your local network

Our GemStart and IMCS solutions allow real-time data exchange to drive the process but, until now,  the electrician was obliged to go to the electrical substation to connect GemPro and access maintenance information.

The Ethernet interface allows remote access by connecting GemStart to your LAN, then you will be able to verify the correct operation of your installation from your office

The Ethernet interface allows you to monitor, access charts tool, retrieve all data from Gemstart5 on your laptop and receive email alerts when GemStart detects a problem with a motor starter.

The Ethernet Interface allows you to benefit from the GemStart5 functionality from your desktop. It is very easy to install and will easily be integrated into your local network.

  • Easy connection : Add the module between GemStart and the front panel, connect it to your LAN, benefit from the information provided through your web browser.
  • Self-powered module : The module is self-powered by GemStart. No GemStart setting required.
  • New features : The addition of the Ethernet Interface allows communication port redundancy as well as a chart tool.

Read our article dedicated to the connected Gemstart: control your motor protection relays in real time and remotely.

Supervision Ethernet Gemstart5

Web browser monitoring

Most GemPro monitoring features are available through your web browser : Current, Voltage, Power, Commissioning Settings, Timers and Counters, Serial link, Event log, Current faults and Fault history.

Chart tool

Chart tool for three Currents, Thermal readings, Power and Zero Sequence Current, with Zoom and Print functions. To monitor the electrical parameters of your asset.

Trace de courbes Ethernet Gemstart5

Modbus TCP

An extra communication channel to retrieve all data from GemStart5. The Configuration pages and the Event or Fault Logs are also accessible remotely.

Remote GemPro

Ethernet unleashes GemPro, for remote use, through a TCP port redirector.

Gempro à distance Ethernet Gemstart5


Email alerts

Allows you to receive a personal  e-mail in the event of a Trip, Alarm
or Warning.



With the required permissions, this feature allows you to control GemStart5 as well to acknowledge faults remotely.


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  • Presentation Leaflet
  • User Guide

Leaflet Ethernet Gemstart5 eng





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