Ensure the availability of your vehicles
with our connected solutions

The supervision system ensures remote monitoring, triggers an intervention in the event of a malfunction of one of the charging stations and simplifies access to the charging stations for electric vehicle users.

We offer 4 complementary supervision services for all types of installations (from isolated stations to large structures such as depots).

Coordinate the recharging of your vehicles

Our solution manages recharging in a coordinated manner according to the operating times of your vehicles. The standardised OCPP protocol enables efficient dialogue with all makes of vehicles. The computer system is installed in your depot to ensure cyber security. It interconnects all the chargers, synchronises with your planning tool and offers all the functionality you need.

What does Smart Charging bring to the operation of your electric fleet?

– Optimized electrical infrastructure
– Controlled energy savings
– Maximum fleet availability
– Pre-conditioning of vehicles
– Individualized parameterization
– Customized reporting
– Reliable data archiving

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Whether for small, isolated charging stations or for a countrywide network, our remote monitoring solution enables you to keep an eye on the operational state of your charging infrastructure, wherever you may be, using a PC, tablet or mobile device.


Contact us to learn more about our electrical power monitoring system and our Smart Charging software.

We provide 4 offers adapted to your needs:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote maintenance
  • Supervision
  • Smart Charging

A global approach for greener cities!

We offer software solutions to control and monitor all electrical aspects of your charging station by giving you access to the following information.

Load monitoring:

  • Provision of clear and exploitable data for the management of your fleet
  • Data and information feedback from charging sessions
  • Authentication management at the charging station level

Smart charging:

  • Reduction of the required network power
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Optimal fleet availability
  • Pre-conditioning of vehicles

Monitoring of electrical infrastructures:

  • Monitoring of all the installations that supply the charging stations
  • Predictive / preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring of the delivery point



Your integrated and connected station

From power supply to recharging management, COMECA supports you throughout your energy transition project with its comprehensive e-mobility offer. We manufacture and supply the charging stations and ensure their connection to the electrical network, their power supply, their control and their supervision.


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