COMECA International Subsidiaries


With more than 1,250 employees on 4 continents, the Group is proud to be close to customers. Further developing this service, in 2014 COMECA opened its sales and services subsidiary COMECA UK.


COMECA UK, established in Stoke-on-Trent, brings customers the complete range of COMECA’s specialist expertise right to their door. From installation, commissioning and training to maintenance contracts, troubleshooting, modification and upgrades, the COMECA UK team is capable of dealing with the Group’s entire switchboard portfolio (MCCs, PCCs, Distribution Boards) aswellas IMCS (Integrated Motor Control Systems) and ECS(Electrical& Control Systems).


COMECA UK provides Onshore and Offshore services and projects for facilities in Oil  and Gas, Chemicals, Power & Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Process and MMM (Mining, Mineral, Metal) industries.

Electrical equipment often requires the highest level of quality and security. COMECA UK offers the best quality of service and support thanks to skilled and trained staff. Onshore services are provided by CCNSG certified engineers, Offshore services are provided by BOSIET certified engineers.

In both areas they perform upgrades, retrofits and additional equipment expansions to our long established UK install base. This includes equipment such as GALAXIS MCC’s and associated GemStart Motor Protection Relays, which can be fitted to both our own and other OEMs equipment.

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