Employee testimonials

Check out the testimonials of COMECA employees working in different disciplines around the world.

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  • Christelle

    Quotations Department Manager

    “After a 6-months internship at Verger Delporte Industries to complete my Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing, I was hired in the Automatic Control System department to design controller programmes, BMS supervision operations and on-site commissioning. Later, I was able to join different departments in the organisation.

  • Vincent

    R&D Manager

    “In all my previous jobs, I held the position of R&D Engineer, whether in the field of consumer goods, military technology or aeronautics. After recently joining the COMECA teams, I now hold the position of R&D Manager within the Group’s Power Electronics division.”

  • Fabrice

    Site Manager – France

    “After I finished my training as electrician by apprenticeship, I joined COMECA in a variety of production jobs: wiring worker, busbar operator, inspector, customer support, etc. Later on, I developed skills in design, where I learned to design automation control panels. My development did not stop there, as I was offered the position of Production Manager, which I held for 6 years. Backed by 16 years of experience within the Group, I currently hold the position of Site Manager.”

  • Nicolas

    Site Manager – Export

    “After my university studies in a technical field, I joined Alstom T&D, which later became a COMECA Group subsidiary, as a manufacturing technician.  Very soon, this human-sized group offered me career development opportunities, while also contributing to my academic studies toward an engineering degree and an executive MBA, to complement my profile”.

  • Jérôme

    Sales Manager - European region

    “After completing a double degree in Electrical Engineering and International Trade, I initially joined a multinational corporation specialising in energy management as Project Manager and then Business Manager. Later, I advanced to the position of Export Sales Representative in a smaller outfit, before joining COMECA, where I currently hold the position of Sales Manager for the European region.”

  • Arnold

    Human Resources Manager

    “After completing a management and business administration academic programme, during my final year of study I specialised in Human Resources. Later on, I began working in various sectors such as large-scale retail, the aerospace industry as well as in survey audiences and statistics. These general-level positions in various fields of activity have enabled me to manage dissimilar issues. I joined the COMECA Group in 2010 and have held the position of Human Resources Manager since then”.