DémoBox GemStart5

GemStart5 DemoBox: training, test and configuration tool

The DemoBox is designed to incorporate functionalities of the GemStart5 motor protection relay in complete safety. All the components of a motor feeder and the means allowing to simulate, upwards or downwards, currents, voltage, temperatures, are housed in a single case.

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GemStart5 maintenance pocket

The Maintenance Control Unit (MCU) is a light, robust and compact tool, which gives operators the possibility to Stop, Start or Reset GemStart5 in “Control” mode. In “Monitoring” mode, the MCU displays dynamic electrical values, maintenance information, timers and counters, information linked to the serial link, PTC status and configuration data.

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Ethernet Interface - Connect Gemstart to your local network

The Ethernet interface allows you to monitor, access charts tool, retrieve all data from Gemstart5 on your laptop and receive email alerts when GemStart detects a problem with a motor starter.

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Integrated Motor Control System & ECS - GemView 5

The GemView 5 control system allows you to:

  • Overall supervision of the panel
  • Configuration management
  • Event archiving
  • System supervision
  • Assistance with troubleshooting
  • Recording graphs
  • Evolution analysis of electrical quantities as a function of events
IMCS & ECS - GemView 5


Data Center

Data center




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