Project summary

Our client SuperGrid Institute is an independent research and technological innovation centre for the massive integration of renewable energies and the development of the electricity networks of the future. It provides high value-added technologies for high and medium voltage DC power systems.

The project focused on the hydraulic turbine test and validation platform – the only independent facility of its kind in France. It enables hydraulic tests to be carried out for the qualification of pump turbines and industrial Francis turbines (in scale models) according to the IEC 60193 standard. Thanks to this experimental platform, it is also possible to carry out R&D on unstable hydraulic phenomena, cavitation and the constraints applied to these large installations during their operation.

The challenges of SuperGrid institute

The proposed equipment had to meet 4 functionalities:

  • To carry out acceptance testing of Francis turbines and pump turbines according to IEC 60193, for clients requiring hydraulic testing in an independent laboratory.
  • Conduct development testing for Francis turbine and pump-turbine manufacturers.
  • Research the hydraulic flows present in these large structures.
  • Carry out any hydraulic test requiring substantial test facilities (410kW).

The Comeca solution

To meet the needs of the project, our team developed an electrical cabinet comprising a power supply part (in particular for the supply of the pumping group) as well as a control part with safety modules, Schneider PLC and a synchronisation system for coupling the generator to the EDF network.

  • Communication with the real-time computers is ensured by an industrial Ethernet network.
  • The researchers have access to the various process data via a Magélis graphic terminal and a supervision station.


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