The project

The Alstom Coradia Polyvalent regional trains are progressively replacing the SNCF installed base. They offer a high level of flexibility suited to the needs of the regions. This project represents a potential of 1,000 trains over 10 years, and for COMECA, a turnover of about €8M per year.

Customer challenges

For Alstom, the challenge is to maintain a strong estimated pace of 10 units per week, with high Quality / Cost / Delivery objectives.

COMECA solution

In order to meet customer’s need, COMECA has defined an industrial partnership suited to the train typology and has been a driving force in the offering of new solutions.

COMECA subsequently suggested the following solutions to its customer:

  • Maximization of the Low cost production, for a cost-saving solution
  • Opening of a COMECA workshop at customer site, for reactivity and flexibility
  • Complete industrialization by COMECA, for know-how sharing.

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