The project

Most industrial companies operate in an extremely competitive environment. They have to respond ever more quickly to a more demanding request. While being subject to strong regulatory constraints, quality, cost reduction and time-to-market.

Our client, a manufacturer of flexible floors and wall coverings,  wanted to have a consolidated and consistent view of its technical data and documents. The company also wanted to make them available to its employees, systems and processes, for greater operational efficiency at all levels. Our team met their needs by creating an Electronic Document Management (EDM) software.

Customer Challenge

We developed an industrial software oriented industry 4.0. It uses web technology to manage and centralise the technical data sheets of products manufactured by plastic coating. The challenge on this project was to centralise the documentation management thanks to an industrial IT system which allowed:

  • Manage production versions.
  • Create production models by production line.
  • Have a secure application under Https protocol with user rights management allowing the creation/modification of production sheets from a production model of a line.
  • Manage several sites (factories) in a top-down logic: Site -> Production units -> Production lines
  • Track any modification of model and/or cards – to Version
  • Manage product colours, final customer specifications, form validation (active / non-active), a validation workflow to switch a form to editing / validation mode.
  • Send email notifications of data sheet changes.
  • Print data sheets in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, xml, etc.)
  • Display the production interface in multiple supervision (Wonderware, WinCC,…).
  • Export data from a form in a format that can be used by a supervision
  • Manage the production of data sheets using transfer to process control

The Comeca solution

We have used computer technologies. That allow us to set up a complete document management solution tailored to your needs:

  • Web application in C# with database management
  • Html5
  • Bootstrap
  • javascript & ajax
  • Web services
  • Configure a web server like IIS
  • Edition of report under Birt
  • Automatic emailing via service
  • Logger creation


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