The project

In 2021, ARCELORMITTAL Industeel launched a 9 million euro investment to produce steel that is significantly decarbonised and therefore more and more environmentally friendly.

This industrial company, which specialises in the production of hot-rolled steel as well as sheets, ingots and formed parts, has the largest dimensional range in the world.

Industeel is committed to reducing its emission of pollutants (NOX, CO2) and its consumption of natural gas. The objective is to meet new environmental and safety standards. The modernisation of their hypertrempe oven was therefore necessary, especially as their existing installation utilised older technology. 

This modernisation resulted in a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions of almost 30%. It also led to a reduction in gas consumption, which in turn led to a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions.

To find out more about this project: press article Le Creusot Infos


Customer challenge

Two objectives had to be met: firstly, to ensure the durability of the installation by replacing the complete furnace and electrical equipment and secondly to deal with the obsolescence of the various automated systems.

In addition, our customer chose to improve the performance of the furnace with more efficient heating regulation, instrumentation and automation.

Our Comeca automation teams also upgraded the electrical safety systems of the gas panoplies, and more generally the furnace and its access. Nitrogen oxide emissions from the furnace were improved by using specific “low NOx” burners.

The Comeca solution

To meet the needs of this project, we teamed up with our long-standing partner CLEIA.

CLEIA took care of the renovation of the kiln bell as well as the gas and combustion panels.

COMECA took care of the complete electrical renovation of the furnace, including

  • The supply of new power and automation cabinets including 2 control panels
  • Electrical studies for the automatic control system (handling and heating), supervision
  • Installation of the electrical equipment on the customer’s site, testing and commissioning.


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