Industrial computing

Applications that we develop are integrated into an Industry 4.0 logic. Our tailor-made applications converge with the virtual world and the automation of production lines.

Our solutions

Développement de logiciels à façon pour l'industrie

Contract software development for industry

Oriented in a WEB or classic industrial approach, we use dedicated commercial software packages (WINCC, WONDERWARE,…) and carry out custom developments for each industry’s specificities. Our logic is in a “full-industry” approach.

Design and programming IT solutions

In the context of modern industrial automation, acquiring physical quantities (temperatures, pressures, positions, etc.) in real time makes it possible to adapt all synergies and production problems and to “report” to the vertical company management systems.

Conception et programmation de solutions informatiques
Nos offres informatique industrielle

Our industrial computing offers

  • Design, drafting of specifications
  • Project management / implementation / planning
  • Implementation, progress planning
  • Improvement / optimisation
  • Traceability
  • Implementation of redundancy
  • Simulation
  • Maintenance
  • Operation

Sectors and applications

Production et Distribution d'énergie



Oil and Gas



energies renouvelables

Continuous processes, Continuous handling


As a specialist in automation and industrial computing, we support you throughout your project, from design to commissioning. Our areas of expertise are wide and varied. Let’s get in touch to discuss your projects!

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