Integrated Motor Control & Monitoring System and Electrical Control System

COMECA designs and provides your customized engine management system, with a perfect integration of your LV and HV equipment. Identify, monitor and manage your engines with our comprehensive GemView5 software.

Energy Management System

The COMECA electrical energy management system is based on time analysis. The software continuously analyses consumption of all equipment and extrapolates them to make a projection of what the future energy needs will be. The reduction of the load of non-essential equipment will be carried out automatically in case of detection of power peaks. Deviations from the power supply schedule can be very costly. Energy management system allows peak consumption to be capped to save money.


One-line diagram

The one-line diagram shows all equipment in the electrical network of your production site:

  • Real-time data monitoring for HV, MV and LV equipment
  • Dynamic states and measurement of key equipment condition and efficiency
  • Time-stamping with an accuracy of 1ms
  • Automatic topology of the line colouring, depending on level or voltage range
  • Symbols according to representation of the IEC standard
  • Control of main air circuit breakers with SBO (Select Before Operate) and installations locking of

Detailed equipment characteristics

Equipment details can be easily displayed from different views. All wired I/Os are monitored, all alarms are reported and the measured values are displayed in dedicated views. Trends can also be defined according to your needs by selecting analog signals applicable to the motor protection relay you have previously selected. Remote configuration is also possible.

  • Alarm the operator about the controlled and connected equipment status on the electrical network
  • Alert and record all events occurring on the electrical network
  • Display and track real-time and historical trends of the electrical equipment
  • Monitor the SCADA system’s status
  • Generate all analysis in non-real time, sorted by period, equipment, switchboard and substation.
  • Print reporting
  • Integrate through generic development all new equipment in order to maintain your installation
  • Manage your maintenance plan



The platform used by COMECA combines the worlds of industrial PC and hardware PLC and is suitable for all performance tasks.

  • Large selection of PC based solution, from Intel® Celeron® single-core up to Intel© CoreTM, quad cores
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM / 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 8 GB Cfast flash card (expandable) to store process data if needed
  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 P or Compact 7
  • Large selection of communication interface cards with DCS, ECS, and enterprise applications
  • Large selection of communication cards to interface with field equipment
  • Time stamping with 1ms accuracy
  • 1s UPS to store the data in case of a shutdown



  • PC/ server application compatible with windows based operating systems from windows CE or 7 or 8.1 and windows server
  • Password protection in Runtime & Editor, with up to 128 different user levels
  • Multilanguage, multi-screen interface, multi-touch technology, zooming and de-cluttering functionalities
  • Client/Server application with centralized development
  • Redundant server application possible for continuous availability of the system (Circular redundancy for a maximum availability)
  • Online modification allowed, administrator functionality
  • Convivial environment and intuitive user interface
  • Time stamping of all events and all alarms at 1ms accuracy
  • Post-it function to share messages between operators
  • Maintenance plan operations
  • Alarms and Events pre-filtered and filters can be personalized
  • Open and reliable connectivity to more than 300 protocols
  • GOOSE messages available for fast controls
  • SMS, mail when alarms or events occurred
  • Reports can be proposed upon request
  • Unlimited tags
  • Traceability of any action, of any modification at all time
  • Remote access to any IED using IED configuration software



Oil & Gas


Train stations





Data Center

Data center








Wind equipement



Bureaux / IGH

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Local authorities

Mines, Minéraux, Métaux

Mining, Minerals, Metals

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