Air and fluid treatment for harsh environments

COMECA designs, qualifies and produces Control Command Box for the management of its HVAC systems complying with the main Railway, Nuclear (RCCE) and Military Standards. Based on customer specifications, we adapt our existing modular block solutions and customize it according the project to provide a final solution that fullfil 100 % requirements. These CCBs can also communicate through  gateways with customer networks. The local HVAC management via these CCBs makes it possible to gain in speed and limit wiring while relieving our customers’ Control Command systems. Using a proprietary local protocol allows also an easy maintenance throw a faster diagnosis and failures analysis.

Embedded air conditioning units

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Nuclear water coolers



Negative cold production unit



Personal HVAC solutions

  • Tent air conditioners
  • Refrigerated containers

Air treatment trailers for aircraft on ground



  • 3D and 2-D CAD tools
  • Refrigerator sizing by COMECA software
  • Numerical simulation
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • AFAQ and APAVE certification for the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • UTO Cas1 certification (nuclear)

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