ecoNRJ-management - Supervision of Energy Distribution

The “ecoNRJ-Management” software is the energy management solution for your electrical installations:

  • Real-time equipment availability
  • Energy management and anticipation of energy needs
  • Consumption balance sheet
  • Fault Alert

A software dedicated to:

  • Indicate to the operator the status of each piece of equipment controlled and connected to the electrical network
  • Alert and record any event occurring on the electrical network
  • Display and draw graphs (real time & historical) of the different network electrical quantities
  • Monitor status of the supervisory system
  • Generate all the “delayed time” analyses according to multi-criteria sorting (period, item, equipment, etc.), electricity consumption balance sheet, list of events, list of duration of events, etc.
  • Print analysis reports
  • Integrate all new equipment through generic development in order to make the installation sustainable
  • Manage a maintenance intervention schedule


The gateways used by COMECA combine modern industrial computers with industrial automation platforms.

  • Wide selection of gateways with single-core Intel® Celeron® processors up to 4-core Intel© CoreTM processors
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM / 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 8 GB Cfast technology memory card (expandable)
  • Windows Professional Standard Embedded 7 P or Compact 7
  • Wide selection of communication cards for interfacing with business processes and software
  • Wide selection of fieldbus communication cards
  • Time stamping, accuracy 1ms
  • 1s UPS data storage before shutdown

ecoNRJ-management software

  • Compatible with Windows CE, 7 or Windows server 8.1 operating system
  • Password protection in Edition and Runtime with 128 different user levels
  • Multilingual software, multi-display interface, touch technology, zoom…
  • Centralised development for client/server application
  • Server redundancy
  • Online modifications, administrator management
  • Intuitive and user-friendly environment
  • Time stamping, accuracy 1ms
  • Post-it messaging allowing deferred dialogue between operators
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Synoptic animation of the electrical installation
  • Automatic colouring of the mimic diagram by voltage level
  • More than 300 communication protocols available in the application, including IEC61850
  • Fast data exchange via GOOSE messaging
  • Alarm and event pre-filtering can be customised
  • SMS or email sending on the appearance of alarms or events
  • Consumption reports and balance sheets on request
  • Unlimited number of system variables
  • Traceability of actions and modifications
  • Remote access to all equipment

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