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By merging its vehicle charging and power distribution solutions, COMECA proposes simplified project management and a single point of contact for seamless project coordination. Our integrated offering adapts to all your needs while remaining scalable. We build and supply supervision systems for your station equipment, as well as solutions to limit your investment and energy spend.

Our Smart Charging solution lowers the power configuration required and offers a choice of energy supplier at the best price to meet your needs. This solution includes our identification of the best financial scenario using the price per kW/h component, while ensuring maximum vehicle availability. Furthermore, our supervision offering provides an overall view of your station, charging availability, as well as consolidated reports for your energy balance.


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A global e-mobility offer

Rapid charge

Rapid charge

COMECA designs and builds chargers to meet your needs as well as the whole electrical installation. Chargers are available from 50 kW to 160 kW per charging point to deliver a full charge to your battery whatever its capacity (kW/h). Fixed or scalable electrical distribution boards, include metering, measurement and the associated means of communication. Suitable power cable sizing makes the deployment of this integrated offering easier.






Ultra rapid charge

Ultra rapid charge

This ultra-fast charging mode exceeds 200 kW and can reach 640 kW. But to do so it needs a pantograph system instead of a CCS connector.
COMECA builds, supplies and installs turnkey ultra-rapid charging stations with the electrical distribution board, charger and connector equipment required. Our connected stations offer real-time communications with your operators so they can monitor operations, alerts, perform remote maintenance, etc.




Supervision & Smart Charging for electric vehicles

Keep an eye on your charging stations

The supervision system ensures remote monitoring, triggers an intervention in case of malfunction of a charging station and simplifies access to charging stations for electric vehicle users.

Coordinate your vehicle charges

Our solution seamlessly coordinates charging based on the operating range of your vehicles. The OCPP standardised protocol enables it to communicate with all vehicle brands. The computer system is installed at the depot to ensure cybersecurity protection. It interconnects all the chargers, syncs with your calendar tool and delivers all the functions you need.



Remote monitoring / Remote maintenance

Whether for small, isolated charging stations or for a countrywide network, our remote monitoring solution enables you to keep an eye on the operational state of your charging infrastructure, wherever you may be, using a PC, tablet or mobile device.

Electricity Distribution for EV charging station

Electricity distribution

Depending on your required power balance, we propose a matching electrical architecture to connect the power grid to the charging station. Depending on the power intensity, the installation will feature low-voltage equipment or will include a high voltage incomer, a transformer and one or more low-voltage distribution boards.

Reliable & connected

Safety and reliability ensured by NF 61439 and NF C-15-100 certification for the whole assembly.
Digital protection and power supervision to ensure availability and cost control.

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  • Customised colour and flocking
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • Vandal-resistant system
  • Multi-lingual touch screen
  • Plug & Charge
  • Additional power modules
  • Remote indicators
  • Custom power configuration
  • Suited to extreme environments (*AMBER 1 range)
  • Vehicle to grid
  • Mobile charger for vehicle maintenance


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