The project

Our client is the main national oil company in the United Arab Emirates. The company had the objective of implementing an electrical control and monitoring system for its electrical equipment as part of the modernisation of several existing platforms. 

Our mission was to develop, supply and commission 5 ECMS (Electrical Control and Monitoring Systems). These are combined with new and existing GALAXIS switchboards, on 5 OFF SHORE platforms operating near Abu Dhabi.

These ECMS monitor and control the platform’s electrical power equipment.

They enable optimise the consumption of different processes according to availability and to ensure reliable and lasting control through digitalisation.

Find out more about our ECMS solution in our page.


Customer challenge

There were several objectives for each platform. Firstly, the old switchboards had to be replaced with new ones, despite significant space and time constraints (very limited outages). The second objective was to implement a completely new control and monitoring system for the electrical distribution. This system is associated with new switchboards, their Gemstart 5 communicating motor relays and the IEC 61850 distribution protection relays.

The Comeca solution

For this project, COMECA was in charge of:

  • Engineering, development and supply of:
    • 5 redundant DACMs (Data Acquisition Control Module) based on SIEMENS S7-400 PLCs integrated in the control panel
    • 5 GEMVIEW5 supervisions based on SIEMENS WINCC SCADA software
  • Simulation and testing in the factory with the panels before delivery
  • Installation and commissioning on site


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