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Alizet signalling racks are secure power supply units specifically designed to meet the power supply needs of railway signalling. They composed of a rectifier assembly, batteries and an inverter. Based on single-phase or three-phase mains supply, they provide secure power supply, available as direct current (24VDC, 48VDC) and alternating current (230VAC).

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The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system consists of a rectifier, batteries and an inverter, also known as RBO. The equipment is supplied with alternating current from the electrical system (single-phase or three-phase, depending on power values).

  • Rectifier module: the rectifier modules ensure power supply from the mains direct current as well as recharge and float charging of the related batteries.
  • Inverter module: the inverter assembly supplies permanent AC current free of disconnections or fluctuations, based on DC source supplied by rectifiers and the battery.

Alizet racks:

  • Proven switching technology
  • Natural convection
  • Life span > 30 years
  • Reliability, redundancy
  • Integration of modular converter racks for 24 and 48V DC
  • Inter-connectible racks

Modular UPS system:

  • On-demand study, design and configuration based on the desired DC/AC power balance and autonomy
  • Modular switching technology : the replacement of a rectifier module or inverter module takes place within minutes without any disruption of the system and without requiring the operator to reprogramme the module (fully automated parameter configuration).
  • N+1 or N+2 redundancy : N+1 redundancy (addition of one backup module) or N+2 (addition of 2 backup modules) allows the system to provide all the necessary power for use on a permanent basis.
  • An upgradeable power system
  • Integrated battery
  • Integrated DC distribution

Alizet modular bays are composed of the following sub-assemblies, developed by COMECA and certified by SNCF:

  • Convertisseurs AC/DC à Redresseur 230VAC/24VDC à découpage HF
  • Convertisseurs DC/DC à Redresseur 24V/24V à découpage HF
  • Convertisseurs DC/DC à Redresseur 24V/48V à découpage HF
  • Convertisseur DC/AC à Onduleur 24V/230V 670VA
  • Contrôleur MCA (Module de Contrôle Automatique)
  • Tensions de sortie : 24V, 48VDC / 230V AC
  • Degrés de protection : IP 20
  • 3 modes de fonctionnement sont disponibles : FLOATING, EGALISATION et TEST BATTERIE
  • Electronique de contrôle et d’interface
  • Un Automate intégré permet :
    • La gestion des modules redresseurs et des batteries.
    • Les mesures courant et tension de sortie
    • La gestion des Alarmes
  • Signalisation locale, afficheur LCD + 8 boutons
  • Signalisation distante sur boucles sèches
  • Historisation d’évènements
  • Technologie utilisée : technologie à IGBT (hautes fréquences)


  • 24 VDC power is supplied by 24V / 60A rectifier modules (maximum 16).
  • 230V secure supply is provided by 230V / 60VA inverters (maximum 7).
  • Storage is ensured by 24V batteries installed in the racks (4 different types of battery racks).

Modular UPS system:

  • Input voltage : 230V single-phase, or 400V three-phase + neutral
  • DC use module :
    • Standard output voltage: 24V 48V 110V 125V 220VDC
  • AC output use :
    • 230VAC single-phase or three-phase
  • Protection levels : IP 20 or IP 21
  • RAL : 5004 + 9006

Used technology: IGBT technology (high frequencies)

UPS modulaire :

  • Redundancy
  • By-pass
  • Isolation transformer
  • Integrated DC and AC distribution

Alizet racks:

  • SNCF and RATP approvals and qualifications






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