Market's challenges

Buildings, offices, hospitals, banks, insurances, data centers, local authorities

You are involved as contracting authority, builder, system integrator or operator in office buildings, hospitals, banks and insurances or else local authorities? Your main constraints are linked to users’ and equipment’s safety and continuous energy availability.

In addition, you have to face challenges of consumption, economies, energy efficiency and their impact on the environment.

To address these challenges, the construction, modernisation and maintenance of buildings must be carefully analysed and thought. You decide to improve your energy management in order to support environmental efforts responsibly.

For your needs of additional equipment or upgrade of Low Voltage switchboards, compactness is one of the most important factors in existing buildings. COMECA explores with you limited space solutions.

Thanks to the latest integrated technologies, our “intelligent” Low Voltage switchboards are necessary to meet your energy savings and cost optimisation requirements.

COMECA’s technologies enable to offer more supervision’s data upstream installations, with less material.


  • Hospitals


  • Banks and insurances

    Banks and insurances

  • Offices / buildings

    Offices / buildings

  • Data center

    Data center

  • Local authorities

    Local authorities

  • Culture and leisure

    Culture and leisure

  • Hotels


Discover our solutions

« High-performance electrical solutions for public and industrial buildings ».

To face these challenges, COMECA’s role is to provide you with flexible, scalable and reliable products according to your expectations and your type of building.

Whether it is for construction, extension or modernisation, COMECA offers a large range of equipment to meet the growing demand of “packages” projects: LV/MV, transformers, bus-bars, HVAC, supervision, automation, process…


COMECA will be happy to back you up at any time and directs its offer well beyond electrical equipment.

By integrating a whole range of professional services, COMECA helps you to improve your efficiency and to optimise your performance. Wherever you are, our experts are here for you.

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