GALAXIS switchboard up to 6300A

GALAXIS switchboards combine maximum safety for personnel and equipment with reliability of your electrical installations and sustainability of your investments. Initially designed around a moulded bus bar used in nuclear power plants and O&G, this technology is recognized for the safety of installations provided. GALAXIS’s specific design ensures service continuity of your production and its future evolutions.

Our certifications provide compatibility with the major equipment brands. Equipment is also certified with the GemStart digital thermal protection.

Vertical moulded bus bar – patented solution and unique design

Unparalleled electrodynamic resistance and elimination of the risk of arc translation by maintaining the busbar over its entire length thanks to the molding resin. It also gives it success in the internal arc tests (IEC 61 641) required by petrochemical and nuclear industries (100KA / 1s – 220 KA Base peak). No mechanical maintenance required, this can often be the cause of defects and accidents due to improper tightening.

No risk of deformation of bars, they are blocked in the resin. No risk of dust accumulation (on supports) which in the long term would require maintenance in order to limit the risks of distances reducing necessary for a good level and respect of the dielectrics (often cause of priming).

Manufacturer guarantee

COMECA offers you a Manufacturer guarantee on the assembly of your electrical equipment by ensuring:

  • Assembly supervision
  • Alignment, mechanical coupling
  • Splicing of cells and electrical sheaths

In option:

  • Front end cable connections
  • back end cable connections


iBoard supervision interface

With the iBoard supervision solution designed by Comeca, you have full control in real time of everything that happens on your LV switchboard from your touchscreen interface integrated. The iBoard software monitors the events on your switchboard in real time and warns you with its alert system.

Find out about iBoard

  • Original Manufacturer providing also Tailor made solutions
  • Comfortable IEC61439 certification level at Hi rating of 100kA
  • SHELL DEP (2008), type tested according to latest standards
  • Risk free for operator, arc resistant with internal Arc Withstand of Class A as a minimum per construction
  • Each part of GALAXIS refers to a drawing. Any part can be provided years after first delivery
  • Main busbar has several positions (top / mid / rear)
  • Cable access from front or rear
  • Cable entry from top and / or Bottom
  • Mid rear busbar tightenigs can be life warranteed with connections using TREP washers
  • Vertical resin molded riser, guarantee of safety, without maintenance, without influence of the dust. Class I arc proof solution
  • Hi riser rating with a rated current up to 2250A which allows high compacity of MCC panels
  • Connection to vertical riser with auto-compensated intermediate stab connectors enclosed in a IP2x plastic housing
  • WWW : Fully withdrawable equipments
  • Replacement of drawers in live conditions
  • Easy on site reconfiguration
  • Height modularity of 25mm allows best size of each drawer
  • REAR Access feeders are fully compatible with FRONT Access feeders (unlike most of the competition, if they have Rear Access)
  • Better segregation of drawers, (horizontal partition sheet)
  • Strong drawer with IP2x maintained in Test position
  • Integrated cable connection : Native 4b form for cable connections with already embedded fixing bolts and screws. (Even in rear access, the operator can’t touch the connection under voltage due to 4b form with rubber protections)
  • Form 4.7 available in option
  • Electrical data:



Short-circuit current (max) Up to 100 KA – 1s and 220KA peak
Main bus bar rating – Up to 6300A (top position)

– Up to 4000A (rear position for limited height)

Vertical bus bar Up to 2200A
IS333 Withdrawable drawer up to 1000A AC1
Footprint optimisation Half drawer up to 125A AC1 with moulded transposition block
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) 12 kV
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1000V
Voltage rating (Ue) Up to  690V AC
Rated frequency (F) 50/60Hz
All earthing systems TT, IT, TNC, TNS, TNC+TNS
  • Mechanical data:



Service index IS 333 evolution and modification without interrupting power.
Connection type WWW

Interchangeable drawers on all GALAXIS range (rear or front access)

Form 3b/4b according to IEC 61439-2 and 4.7B according to BS standard
Protection index IP 31 to 42

(For IP>42, please contact us)

Access Front or rear, top or bottom, for cables or bus ducts


• Height : 2057 – 2400 mm

• Width : 600 – 1000 mm

• Depth : 750 – 1000 mm

  • ISO 9001
  • IEC 61439-1 & 2
  • IEC 61 641 rev2 and rev3
  • Dep Shell 2008 for O&G applications
  • ATEX and H2S environments
  • ABS validations
  • Lloyds
  • Qualifoudre

Additional validations are made on major customer’s demand when switchboards are installed in sensitive sites.

What is BIM? BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the set of tools, objects, methods that allow the digital design of constructions and the management of the life cycle of installations. Learn more on our blog: COMECA provides BIM objects for GALAXIS switchboard

COMECA’s GALAXIS switchboard in BIM object

OMECA provides BIM objects for GALAXIS, in REVIT format. As GALAXIS range is wide and as our switchboards are based on multi-panels solution, the first objects we provide for download are GALAXIS front access ACB and MCC panels. Assembling these panels together in your sketch will give the switchboard you foresee.

  • GALAXIS AF8075M is the ACB panel with mid rear busbar used for ACB rated up to 3200Amps
  • GALAXIS AF1075M is the ACB panel with mid rear busbar used for ACB rated up to 4000Amps
  • GALAXIS MF1075M is the MCC panel with mid rear busbar up to 4000Amps

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