Low and Medium Voltage switchboards

  • Low Voltage switchboards

    Low Voltage switchboards

  • Distribution boards

    Distribution boards

  • Medium Voltage switchboards

    Medium Voltage switchgear

  • Energy

    Energy measurement and management

  • Low Voltage switchboards

    Low Voltage switchboards

    « The guarantee of an Original Equipment Manufacturer ; solutions adapted to your needs»

    COMECA offers the largest choice of OEM switchboards to meet all your specifications and constraints for your commercial, energy and industrial facilities.

    From our standard products, we also allow you the integration of all components types and brands in order to supply you with solutions adapted to each of your requirements.

    Switchboards in our ever-evolving range meet current standards as well as constraints of service continuity and reduced footprint, whatever your sector of activity.

    Your needs of developments, new installations, upgrade or revamping of your equipment can be met as part of our turn-key / package solutions.

  • Distribution boards

    Distribution boards

    COMECA, with its 10 production units across France, supplies Distribution boards integrating the components of market leaders manufacturers (Schneider, Legrand, ABB, Siemens,…).

    All our sites work with a common wiring and marking system standard – when no customer specification – to ensure consistent manufacturing whatever the production site.

    Each project is tested on test platforms to meet the requirement of the IEC 61439 standard.

  • Medium Voltage switchgear

    Comeca Simoprime MV switchgear

    Comeca Simoprime switchgear is a medium voltage (MV) electrical distribution solution with AIS insulation technology and vacuum quenching apparatus.

    MV Comeca Simoprime fulfills the safety requirements expected in industries and largely for all applications. Safe and reliable in all environments, it is fully compliant with IEC 62271-200 including loss of service continuity LSC2-B and metallic partition (PM).

    MV Comeca Simoprime is a flexible product, simple, modular and functional. Indeed, it is aimed at the requirements of the end user and adapts to the final needs through tailored solutions and customizations made by COMECA.

    It is also switchgear ready for smart grids directly integrating our simple or advanced protections and solutions (Gemstart 5, SAS & EMS), control and monitoring for superior reliability and mastership of energy efficiency.

  • Energy measurement and management

    Energy measurement and management

    Reducing energy consumptions has now become a major global challenge.

    Industrials need to better master energy sources serving there industrial processes, while taking into considerations continuity, performance and productivity constraints.

    The ISO 50001 and IEC 60034-330 standards partly bring solutions for energy efficiency.

    COMECA is at the forefront of major developments and proposes efficient and maintainable solutions of high output energy.

    Discover our solutions to maintain your motors, view your energy consumptions and monitor your electrical installation.